An enhancement of the industry proven SAACKE SCanView Burner Management System; SCanViewERS is a dedicated remote support and diagnostics tool.

Harnessing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, SCanViewERS provides our qualified combustion engineers the ability to remotely monitor your combustion plant in real-time, anywhere in the world, facilitating off-site fault diagnostics and improving the effectiveness of our service support.

This means optimal efficiency for breakdown responses and maximised plant availability.

This technology allows our engineers to diagnose many faults before travelling to site, ensuring they are equipped to get the plant up and running. In some cases, it may be possible to resolve the fault remotely without the need to attend the site.

We at SAACKE understand the critical role combustion plant plays in your wider processes and the importance of optimising plant operation. With SCanViewERS, you can rest assured knowing that service support is only a few clicks away.

What does downtime mean for your business?

When your combustion plant is unavailable, losses can quickly escalate. Prolonged downtime directly impacts the output and profitability of your plant. SCanViewERS, enables faster fault diagnostics improving plant operation.

The Benefits

With faster root-cause analysis and pre-emptive remote fault-finding, our engineers can get your plant up and running again, with minimised downtime of your operations.

Reduced costs to you – With our engineers having access to fault data prior to visiting the site, we can ensure, should a site visit be needed, we arrive equipped, reducing the number of disturbances to site.

How does it work?

SCanViewERS connects via a mobile network installed on site, giving our engineers real-time data on-the-go, to remotely view our Burner Management System and provide accurate and up-to-date feedback on any active or historical faults. This increases our readiness to assist in your time of need and ensures you are getting the full potential from your combustion plant.

Who can have SCanViewERS?

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We offer a turn-key approach to your boiler  controls  whether installing it from new, or upgrading your existing SCanView BMS controls*. Our dedicated engineers can remotely monitor your systems from anywhere in the world!

**Service Contract customers will receive a 25% discount on their annual SCanViewERS subscription.**

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